mothers empty arms


If you are reading this, you and/or your partner are likely experiencing some of the emotional difficulties commonly associated with infertility and are looking for some help in dealing with your feelings.

You are not alone. Up to one in every six couples is affected by infertility. Furthermore, infertility can take a huge physical, emotional and psychological toll on couples.

Infertility is an “unanticipated life crisis, very often unexplained, and lasting for an indeterminate length of time.”


Women who can’t easily conceive have the same level of distress as women with cancer, heart disease, or who are HIV positive. ~Alice Domar, PhD


A diagnosis of infertility can be devastating. Infertility and Infertility treatment is often described as an “emotional roller coaster” filled with unforeseen challenges, losses and multiple treatment options.

People struggling with infertility often feel:

  • Anxious, depressed or overwhelmed
  • Stressed from physical, financial and emotional demands
  • Distant from their partners, both emotionally and sexually
  • Tension in their relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Emotions of anger, guilt, negative self image, isolation and shame
  • Fear and confusion about decisions to be made
  • Fear of not ever being able to have a biological child

Counselling can help clients to:

  • Give voice to your feelings
  • Regain a sense of control in your life
  • Reduce feelings of overwhelming grief, depression, isolation, and anxiety
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Cope with the stress of fertility treatments
  • Strengthen relationships with partner, family and friends
  • Offer hope and a greater sense of joy in life


EMDR is one form of therapy that can help with feeling like your body has failed you or is your enemy.  Please contact me if you would like support during this very difficult journey.