Pre-Adoption Counselling

Making the decision to adopt can be a difficult and emotional choice. It is important that you examine your reasons for adopting, your expectations, and your understanding of the lifelong commitment required. Finding someone who has experience with this process can help you as you make this important decision. I believe it is important for parents to make informed choices about adoption, including the specialized care that may be needed once you bring your child home. Children who are adopted from orphanages and/or have experienced severe neglect and trauma, often require specific interventions to allow their brains to adapt to their new environments, in a way that will promote health and healing.


Post-Adoption Counselling

If you have adopted a child, you already know the challenges as well as the rewards that can come with this experience. While there are many resources and support groups available to adoptive parents and their children, sometimes individual attention can help you address the specific needs of your child and your family. I can help you and your adoptive child as you work your way through the ordinary and unusual situations that arise in adoptive families.

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about services around issues related to early childhood and adoption.

parent and child hands